Ionization Information



Most Dealers and Service companies will not promote Mineral Ionization because they would be losing their chemical profits. On average, the savings to the consumer can range from 90-95% over chemical sanitizing systems and 60-70% over SALT ACTIVATED CHLORINE SYSTEMS* that convert SALTS into CHLORINE (* sold at pool stores because basic pool maintenance follows a chlorinated pool regimen). The CHEM-LESSTM Systems are GUARANTEED to


If a dealer or service company tells you that MINERAL IONIZATION does not work, can not handle your size pool, or that it will not save you money on expenses, you’d better start looking for a new “expert”, because they have not taken the time to learn about MINERAL IONIZATION or how to use it correctly.

If MINERAL IONIZATION is used properly, it leaves no chemical residue, will not fade your liner/swim wear, is not affected by sunlight, and will save you thousands of dollars in the years to come.

Consumer Benefits

CONVENIENCE - A pool is to enjoy, not work on. The CHEM-LESS ionizing system is an automatic sanitizer that frees you from constant testing and dosing, hazardous chemical storage, recurring trips to buy chemicals, and pool down-time while chemicals dissipate. With the CHEM-LESS system the pool is open all the time! No chemical “stink” so no shower is required after swimming!

SAVINGS - The CHEM-LESSTM System, will cut chemical use by up to 95%. That translates into big savings. Over a ten year period, direct savings can be as much as $2,000 compared to a chlorine system and as much as $4,000 compared to a system using biguanides (BaquacilTM and Soft SwimTM).

These figures don’t even take into account the damage to equipment caused by caustic chemicals or the costs of replacing bleached and faded swimwear. Electricity is expensive and the cost is only going up. The CHEM-LESS 2000 system will control pool electrical equipment, saving you up to $400 in electricity each season. That is additional savings of $4,000 over ten years!

HEALTH - The verdict is in, chlorine and many of it’s by-products are known to cause skin, eye, and ear infections. Some by-products are known carcinogens. Even premature aging of the skin as well as other organs may be attributed to chlorine.

Millions of dollars are spent every year by people to remove chlorine from drinking water. Why would you want to swim in it when there is an alternative, the CHEM-LESS System?

Ionized water is safe and healthy for humans, fish can even live in it. Don’t try putting fish in a chemical pool!

Even the plants around your pool will thrive!

WATER: The foundation of the body

Your body is between 70% & 80% water

Water is the key to ALL body functions

"We conclude that skin absorption of contaminants in bathing/swimming and drinking water has been underestimated and that ingestion may not constitute the sole or even primary route of exposure."

American Journal of Public Health, 1984, 74:479-484

Make a Comparison

Chlorine Pool CHEM-LESSTM Pool
Burning, red, irritated eyes Doesn’t irritate or harm eyes
Itching, dry skin Leaves skin soft and silky
Damaged hair Beautiful hair
Toxic by-products Drinking water quality
Offensive odors No odors
Daily work Automatic
Daily testing Only periodic testing
Dangerous handling, dosing, and storage Electronic - No handling, dosing, or storage (power equals a 25 watt bulb)
Constant expense Pays for itself over and over
Corrosive to pool and equipment Environmentally beneficial
Danger of fire or explosion Safe and healthy
Constant pump running to keep chlorine in pool (uses electricity) When ion level is reached(.5) there is no need to keep your pump running continuously. Pump only needs to run 2 to 4 hours every other day or when swimming. Pool can sit idle for weeks.
Constant shocking & adjusting PH. (1 lb. Shock = 25 gallons of bleach) Shock with 1 gal. bleach weekly.