Be a Dealer


Help Spread the Word About an Amazing Product

CHEM-LESSTM is not in the franchise business, we are in the sanitizing and pool control business. We expect our dealers to want to sell our products because they are the finest on the market. CHEM-LESSTM, by and through it's Exclusive Product Distributor BTA World, is offering Dealer Exclusive Agreements with protected territories.

Dealer territories consist of a State, or a county within a State.

To own your county there is a one (1) time fee of $3,500 for exclusivity which includes three (3) initial model 1500 units as inventory. As long as you sell and install at least 20 units a year you will continue to have exclusivity. There are no annual renewal fees.

The terms to own a State on an exclusive basis, is negotiable on a per State basis, as each State is different.

If you own your State, you are free to resale territories within your State as protected territories by city, county, or population with these fees being your income.

How much money can you earn being an Exclusive CHEM-LESSTM Dealer, call us to discuss this and the additional streams of revenues you can expect to enjoy.

Your Exclusive Dealer Agreement will mean the CHEM-LESSTM product line will not be sold to any other person, business, or Dealer within your territory and you as the CHEM-LESSTM Dealer cannot buy or sell a competitors product within your territory.

Technical/Product support will be available to you during business hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Telephone numbers for Corporate Headquarters is 757-822-3021, or send an e-mail to

Sales support is available 24/7 by calling 916-544-7127, or send an email to You don’t have to be a giant in the business to become a dealer. Small companies need exclusive products to become large companies! All we ask is that you take good care of your customers. Your reputation, as well as ours, is on the line.